Assessment Protocol

The recommended Colorimetry assessment process follows a 3 stage protocol:

1. Full Eye Examination

It is essential that every individual who struggles to read or believes they may suffer from symptoms of Visual Stress, first undergoes a full eye examination.

2. Overlay Assessment

Having ascertained that ocular problems are not the cause of symptoms, an overlay assessment is recommended. An assessment with overlays may already have been carried out in school. An optometrist can also carry out this assessment. It may be suggested the patient use an overlay and return within a few weeks, noting any improvements. Any improvement in reading speed and accuracy of 10% and above can be considered a successful outcome.

3. Colorimetry Assessment

Following successful use of a coloured overlay for a trial period, the Intuitive Colorimeter may be used to assess the patient (under the direction of an optometrist). A precision tint may then be prescribed as appropriate. The colour will be specific to each individual’s needs, and may be a different colour to the overlay. To find your local specialist visit