Melina Joy Opticians Ltd

Melina Joy Opticians Ltd was established in February 1992 and provides all aspects of professional and friendly eye care, contact lenses and precision tinted lenses

We realise the importance of having good vision especially in the young; and the installation of the Intuitive Colorimeter in 2009 has enabled the practice Optometrists to fully investigate Visual Stress. This stress is known to cause visual perceptual problems in both adults and children and subsequently interfere with reading.

The symptoms can occur despite normal vision.

Visual stress is sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes and flickering lights. About 40% of migraine attacks may be visually induced by flickering light, striped patterns or intense reading tasks.

One current scientific explanation is that the perceptual problems are due to a hyper-activation of the Visual Cortex of the brain. Functional MRI scanning has shown that this activity is reduced by the application of Precise Individual Colour.

The Process
1)          The Eye Examination
We recommend that every child or adult who displays the symptoms of Visual Stress, have a full vision examination to make sure there is no defect of sight left uncorrected and those candidates suitable for treatment using colour, are put forward for Coloured Overlays assessment and Colorimetry.
2)          Overlay Assessment
An assessment with Coloured Overlays will be carried out by one of our optometrists. It may be suggested that the Overlay is used for a few weeks to record any improvements. If the improvement is immediate the Optometrist may suggest moving directly to testing with the Intuitive Colorimeter.
3)          The Colorimeter
This may result in the prescribing of spectacles with Precision Tinted Lenses which are much more precise than the overlay and are more convenient to use in everyday life for the student. Precision tints can also be helpful to the adult migraine sufferer.