Colorimetry in practice

Colorimetry in practice: The definitive course for prescribing tinted lenses

Both new and current users of the Intuitive Colorimeter were delighted to see the exciting digital version when it was launched at 100% Optical in January 2018. The ‘Curve’ was developed with the help of a government sponsored knowledge transfer partnership scheme between The University of Essex and Cerium Visual Technologies. The industry has shown a keen appetite for a more modern approach to Colorimetry assessment, and demand has been exceptional.

The International Institute of Colorimetry (IIoC) is a not for profit organisation that supports both users of Colorimetry and patients, whilst also seeking to raise awareness with government in pursuit of funding for the lenses, particularly for school aged children who may prove to suffer from Visual Stress and who may benefit from precision tinted lenses.

The International Institute of Colorimetry (IIoC) also co-ordinates regular training courses for vision practitioners, featuring the Colorimeter and coloured overlays. It also provides up to the minute information about the condition of Visual Stress and supporting research.

The next course date will be announced in Spring 2019

In the coming twelve months the new digital Colorimeter ‘Curve’ will be appearing at vision exhibitions and events across the UK, as well as launching internationally in the United States and Australia, where the previous generation of instrument is already used widely.

It’s an exciting time for Colorimetry, and we look forward to welcoming you at a future event.